Lake Lopez Cup Deed of Gift

This trophy shall be known as the LAKE LOPEZ CUP.

This is a PERPETUAL TROPHY provided by the SAN LUIS YACHT CLUB (SLYC) and held in trust by the Board of Directors of the SLYC.  It will be permanently displayed in the SLYC trophy case.

This trophy shall never become the property of a single person or crew.

At each December Board of Directors meeting the board will designate races in the coming year that will count toward the award of the LAKE LOPEZ CUP at the end of that year.

The LAKE LOPEZ CUP is to be awarded annually using the following criteria:

  1. Races shall be run under the rules of the ISAF, US Sailing, SLYC, and as outlined in the Lopez Cup Sailing Instructions
  2. The recipients will be the overall season winner in the MONOHULL and MULTIHULL PORTSMOUTH classes, utilizing a handicap rating system that the SLYC Race Committee and Board of Directors concur in as the most appropriate for the series.
  3. The Low Point Scoring System of Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) will apply.  Appendix A9 will be used when scoring both regattas and series when multiple races are completed.

A suitable permanent plaque will be presented to each yearly recipient.

Each year, the year date, name of winning entrant and the make/name of the winning yacht will be affixed to the base of the trophy.

Any matter not covered hereunder and any question arising under any provisions of this DEED shall be determined by the SLYC Board of Directors without right of appeal.

Changes or amendments to this DEED require a positive vote by two-thirds of the eligible voting members of the SLYC Board of Directors at any regularly scheduled meeting of the board.

Issued: ?
Revised: Mar. 4, 1999 Amended to remove restrictions limiting participation to SLYC Members.
Revised April 5, 2007  Amended to update references and acknowledge that SLYC has suitable trophy case.
Approved by BOD: April 5, 2007