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SLO Sloop

boatmaster:  Dan Pease  594-1786 after 6:00 pm most evenings

A note from Dan Pease:

Special thanks to Jim Gillety, Kristin Rasmussen, Barry Stewart and Bill Dyer Writing up SLO Sloop Survey results. Important job for planning for the future of a Club Boat.  

  Also Jim and Barry helped remove old Yamaha engine In Jan.  Barry inspected it and managed to sell it for twice the estimated value.Club purchased a new 4hp Suzuki 4 stroke. Jim and I placed on SLO Sloop Fri. March 24th and removed 2 gallons of water from the bilge. Not bad considering all the heavy weather we've experienced. 

  All locks are in working order and a small fuel can with funnel are in hatch on starboard lazarette.  New engine holds about 1 liter of fuel or aprox. 3/4 hour of operation.

  In the paperwork (V Berth) is operator sheet to learn about fuel on/off choke, etc.  PLEASE READ BEFORE OPERATING ENGINE. Thanks again to SLO SLOOP CREW!

Skipper Sweggy:  March 25, 2017

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