San Luis Yacht Club 1937 - 1940:

The San Luis Yacht Club was originally established in 1937 with emphasis on sailing and boating activities.  The local papers included many articles about the activities which were being held to stimulate interest in boating in the community.  Club sailing races and other boating events were regular occurrences at the Port up through 1939 when, by then, there was enough common interest to pursue the construction of the clubhouse.  The Club obtained their first lease from the County on December 2,1940.

San Luis Yacht Club 1941 - 1945:

The Club's history has associations with World War II. Shortly after it was completed in 1941 ( the first meeting was held on July 2), the Army began maneuvers on the beach and the clubhouse was even offered as a dry place to sleep on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7. The Club subsequently leased the building to the Navy until 1944 and the Coast Guard until December 1945.

San Luis Yacht Club 1946 - 1954:

In its influence on the harbor and the local area, the Club was supportive of improvements within the harbor and was active in urging the construction of the harbor breakwater when 400 signatures were submitted to the County Board of Supervisors. Members of the Club personally lobbied for the breakwater construction and, later, supported the creation of the Port San Luis Harbor District, established in 1954.

San Luis Yacht Club Present:

The members of the club were drawn together by boating and this bond has held the Club together for more than 70 years.  In the beginning of the Club's history, boats, as well as the clubhouse, were made by hand by the members.  Today the Club has over 200 members and remains active in boating and boating related activities which include sailing races, cruising events, social activities, active liaison with Port officials, Port Board of Directors candidates forums, lectures and demonstrations, and classroom style as well as hands-on education in boating and boating safety.

Contact: Brian King, Historian